Information System Security & Governance

Information Security Consulting Services

Risk management and safety

  • Positioning in the face of economic intelligence
  • Prevention of new unconventional threats
  • Continuity and business recovery plan
  • Legal evolution (GPDR, Iso 27)
  • Crisis management

Vision & Strategy: Alignment of the IS

  • Aligning the information system to the organization’s strategy
  • BPR  Business Process Reengineering
  • IS Governance (Master Plan)
  • Analysis and Recommendations

Team Coaching & Training

  • Team Alignment with organization Strategy
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Change management
  • Project Management
  • Information Security Awareness

IS Governance : 

Our mission is to help you answer the following questions 

  • Is your organization’s IT department at the service of your business ?
  • Is it value oriented & adapted to the needs of today and tomorrow ?
  • What would happen if the information system was unavailable or lost ?
  • Are you in compliance with the GDPR, the EU’s new data protection law ?
  • Is change undergoing or acclaimed by your company’s teams ?
  • Is digital a source of simplification or complexity in your organization ?
  • Are staff aware of information security ? 

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GPDR: Prepare in 6 steps

RGPD 2018 Compliance: CNIL Recomandations(fr) 

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Eg2Si intervenes on support missions, package or management, alone or associated with a multidisciplinary network according to the needs and the scope of the mission.


SI Consultant

20 years of experience in IT services support, management and projects. He specialized in IS security governance. Change management, project management, project portfolio management, strategies and advice.


Consultant network

Eg2si works  associated with Accomplir-Consulting, a multidisciplinary network of specialists
supporting organizations to improve their operational impact, social and environmental.