Security management

Information System Security Governances and Advice

Risks Management and risk Reduction

Today, security is a major issue for businesses as well as for all the players around it. It is no longer confined solely to the role of system administrators. Its long-term goal is to maintain the trust of users and customers. The medium-term goal is the coherence of the entire information system. In the short term, the goal is for everyone to have access to the information they need.


The critical factors in the Information Security Management System we address are:

∆  Confidentiality: Information is not made available to unauthorized individuals, entities, or processes
∆  Integrity: Maintaining and assuring the accuracy and completeness of data over its entire lifecycle
∆  Availability: The information must be available when it is needed
∆  Non-repudiation: Implies one’s intention to fulfill their obligations to a contract


Our Added value

As a risk analysis expert, Eg2si determines the criticality of each of these risks based on the vulnerability of the system and makes the necessary recommendations to enable its clients to reduce their probability of occurrence. The proposed solutions integrate continuous improvement and simplification, reducing the cost and complexity of IT security.

Based on the standard iso27001 and 27002, our aproche is both normative (ISMS) and preventive, it is inclusive and allows the awareness of the whole organization to the risks involved.